Why is Insomnia considered Nolan's weakest film when...

The 2002 remake of a 1997 Norwegian film about a Los Angeles homicide detective dispatched to a northern town to investigate the methodical murder of a local teen.
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This is why, I think, Insomnia is Nolan's weakest film:
1. It's a remake.
2. Nolan is only the director(not the screenwriter, not the producer).
3. The plot(IMO) is a bit 'too usual' for a nolan movie, who usually has a more complex story.

HOWEVER, I still like this film, I give it a 7.5/10. The cinematography is good, and the cast is also good.

Oh, and about the Tomatometer, I think the Tomatometer is not a reliable way to determine a film's quality, because, just look at this:
Toy Story 3 99% 8.8/10
Hoe to Train Your Dragon 98% 7.9/10

The Dark Knight 94% 8.4/10
Iron Man 94% 7.6/10

See, the percentage is sometimes misleading. It just shows you the percentage of critic who gives it a fresh rating, but not the film's quality.

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Because it is....... :neutral:

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It all depends on opinion.
Nolan fans are fans because of his unique story telling and multi-layered plots. People who dislike Nolan's other works might enjoy it more because it hasn't got an as complex storyline

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Watched this again recently. It's still a guilty pleasure of mine. Not quite as good as the original, but for a 'studio gig' this was great work by Nolan :thumbup:

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ATaleOTwoCobbs wrote:Watched this again recently. It's still a guilty pleasure of mine. Not quite as good as the original, but for a 'studio gig' this was great work by Nolan :thumbup:
I don't know why you would consider it a guilty pleasure. It's a terrific movie. Transformers 2 would be a guilty pleasure.

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Nolan does not make weak films. Some are just not as complex as the others. Insomnia ended up becoming Nolan's ticket to Batman Begins.

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George wrote:I don't think bringing in Rottentomatoes scores is really an argument for saying what people should think about a film.

Insomnia is sort of the odd film out since it doesn't have a tricky structure or much action, and most people probably saw it afterVách ngăn cầu thang
Vách ngăn cầu thang
vách ngăn nhà bếp
fb88 seeing Memento or The Dark Knight. I enjoy it more each after each rewatch, but I don't think most people give even give it that.
:twothumbsup: I just saw it again (I've seen this movie 5-6 times) ... and It's just getting better and better. I love the cinematography, the music, the actors...
This movie calms me down and I actually like it much better than Batman Begins.
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I think its between this and Batman Begins for me, I think both are great but Nolan is such a quality film maker that these are for me the least favourite.

I saw Insomnia on DVD, I imported from America, it appeared on the format around the same time as the theatrical release in the UK, I couldn't find a theatre showing it here so I decided to invest in a region free copy of the DVD.

I've seen from Memento onwards all his films chronologically. I think it's a great film and Pacino & Williams knock it out of the park, a real great tense thriller although the ending has smacks of Hollywood, after the deliciously ambiguous ending of Memento it did seem a little like it was a little conventional, in fact it was the only thing about the Skarsgard original I prefered. Although I found the idea of having Dormer being under investigation with IA far more effective and made the covering up of his partners accidental death that so more compelling.

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I would add that my feelings on it being the weakest alongside BB would be Nolan from Memento onwards, I would have to say Nolan's weakest outright for me and I think it's a fine little film would be Following.

My rating would be

1. Memento
2. The Prestige
3. Dark Knight
4. Inception
5. Batman Begins
6. Insomnia
7. Following

Who knows where TDKR will figure? would love it to go to the top but I'll guess we'll see.

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RT has nothing to do with what you think about particular movie. Still, Nolan's movies are so brilliant that it's really hard to pick your favorite, or your least favorite.

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