The Nolan Fans Awesome Scale: Insomnia

This 2002 remake of a Norwegian film follows a Los Angeles homicide detective dispatched to Alaska to investigate the murder of a local teen.

How Awesome was Insomnia?

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I love crime thrillers and Insomnia is one of my favorites. It's common knowledge that Nolan's films have great endings, but this one always moves me (don't know why).

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It is a good film but my least favorite of Nolan by a wide margin.

Awesome Scale: 70%

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Finally decided to watch this last night. It's the last of Nolan's feature films for me to have seen. And, like all of his films, I'll need to watch it again. :lol:

I'm hardly a film critic, and this guy put it better than I ever could:
christophmac wrote:It's unlike the other Nolan films in a way. It's less of a film experience where you watch it from beginning to end and get blown away, it's more that every second there's something about it to enjoy, whether it's the performances or cinematography. One could argue that the final product isn't quite the sum of the parts, but I still really like it.
Indeed, I really liked Robin William's performance, and it was very nicely shot (love those intermittent flashes of imagery, too). However, I'm more one for the former "film experience". It just wasn't as..."engaging" as Christopher Nolan's other films.

80% Awesome for me.

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I just saw the 360 interview between Nolan and Pacino on the Insomnia bluray.

Nolan is so awkward at certain moments throughout. :lol:

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Based4Life wrote:100%

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Jonas Agersø wrote:70% compared to his other films. Which is still a good rating compared to a lot of other films :)
I agree. I felt it was a 70% as well. Very good crime thriller, decent Nolan film.

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Cilogy wrote:I just saw the 360 interview between Nolan and Pacino on the Insomnia bluray.

Nolan is so awkward at certain moments throughout. :lol:
Nolan seems to be awkward in almost every interview he's in.

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80% yo
Wanna watch it again.

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