Why Nolan hasn't worked with his main Memento cast again?

The famous 2000 film that put Christopher Nolan on the map tells the story of a man on the hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife.
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Seriously. The only person who's popped up again is Mark Boone, Jr.

His cast was outstanding, and he seems to like to work with people repeatedly -- why not Pearce, Pantoliano, Moss, or Tobolowski?

It's not like he slots every role with people who are more likely to be recognized, either, so... what's up with that? I never got the impression he didn't get along with these folks...

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He probably just hasn't found something that fits them. I doubt he's opposed to working with them, he just hasn't yet had the opportunity.

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Maybe those names are busy with other projects.

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Well he hasn't worked with actors from Insomnia too for that matter.

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True. I'd like to see him work with Swank again. But mainly these other folks.

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Hope he works with Joe Pants again.

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I want him to work with Pearce again. Havent seen him since The Hurt Locker.

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joe pants would have made a good zsasz

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I wanna see Pacino in one of his movies again.

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Theres tons of amazing actors around, why should he work with the same bunch over and over? You work with different people because its creatively challenging and results in different things. The characters we see on screen are essentially an amalgamation of the actors and directors imaginations.

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