The famous 2000 film that put Christopher Nolan on the map tells the story of a man on the hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife.

Memento Remake

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the_red_ninja wrote:Catching up here. Any word from Nolan or his people yet?

None. But I suspect we're not because he's not going to care.
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Well... at least we're all here talking again. It's good to know you aren't all dead. Even if this remake does end up killing us.
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just popped in to say boo to Memento remake.
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no remake sucks
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Wait I am really confused.
So they are going to spend 200 million on it? Or am I comprehending this wrong?
Isn't that kind of budget your big blockbuster kind of film budget???


AMBI launched a new $200 million film fund last week, a movie which followed the acquisition of the library, and subsequently greenlit Memento as its latest production.

I guess I have reading comprehension issues. This means they have a $200 million film fund for multiple movies right. Not just the Memento remake? Lol...
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