The famous 2000 film that put Christopher Nolan on the map tells the story of a man on the hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife.

One inconsistency I noticed

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Not sure if it is been noticed by someone before, but here is what I have noticed. Maybe not so much important, but anyway....

In the morning when Leonards woke up in Natalie's home, they agreed to meet for lunch, after Natalie has had a chance to look up the license number. leonard asks her to write down the address and time in some piece of paper.

After that Leonard forgets to take his motel key (304) and leaves, but Teddy is waiting for him. Then they go to have lunch, after which Leonard returns to the Discount Inn. (he has a photo of the hotel) Realizing he doesn’t have a key, he asks Burt to let him in. Burt takes him to room №21 instead of room №304, and Leonard realizes he’s being ripped off. But before Leonard returns to №304, he finds his note about having lunch with Natalie and dashes off to see what info she has for him.

Here is a question. But why did he find that note in his previous room number №21? Who left that note over there? Leonard supposed to have this note with himself, because after leaving Natalie he has been imediately caught by Teddy and they went to have a lunch together.

But if we even assume that somehow he managed to leave a note in his motel room between scenes, (which has not been shown for us in a movie), how did he know that he lives in a room №21? He doesn't know where he lives, until he looks up at his keys. But he left his keys at Natalies. Later on Natalie gives him the DMV information and his left key from room number 304.

Sorry in advance if I'm confusing something, but could someone explain me this part?
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I was looking for this information yet. Enough to take a writing teacher.
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Kjamaniun wrote:I was looking for this information yet. Enough to take a writing teacher.

Sorry for my english, but didn't quite understand what you wrote.
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The note was in his pocket, he didn't find it in room 21. It was always in his pocket.
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