The famous 2000 film that put Christopher Nolan on the map tells the story of a man on the hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife.

Chronological Order

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theweatherman wrote:
dagn96 wrote:The twist would be in the beggining and hat would be a bit clishe

Technically the twist would be somewhere in the middle of the film if it were in true chronological order.

yeap true, he´s talking to Teddy, it begins with the black and white scenes, then the first incident with Jimmy, the end of which would be the "twist" right when he writes the down the license plate number :think:
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Yes and then the rest of the movie would be entirely pointless. That's why it can only work as is.
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The reason Memento is so brilliant is that it is a true first-person-narrative. Its not told from his point of view, but we EXPERIENCE it from his point of view, where we do not know what just happened.

The same way following makes YOU feel like a voyeur, the same way Insomnia disorients you and makes you feel like Paccino, Memento makes you feel like you dont know what just happened. The chronology is more brilliant than the story, because the film would not work had it been told in "proper" order.


PLEASE dont do this. Its unnecessary. Wondering what JUST HAPPENED is so much more engaging than wondering what will happen next.
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I've watched it, and true...it was bad. But I think it's interesting to see HOW bad, and how lame the story is so that you can appreciate the way it was made. It definitely ruins the movie but I recommend watching it in chronological order. It's fun.
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