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by m4st4
Today, 12:59 pm
Forum: Entertainment
Topic: Star Wars Universe Discussion Thread
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Re: Star Wars Universe Discussion Thread

This video is everything right now. Making rounds round the net as well.
by m4st4
Today, 12:13 pm
Forum: Entertainment
Topic: Café Cinema: 1895 - 1999
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Re: Café Cinema: 1895 - 1999

Wow-wow-wow... hold up! Hold up... You know how Cameron made those impressive double Linda Hamilton scenes in T2, when T1000 is impersonating her, look so damn real? Linda Hamilton has a twin sister!!! What the actual fuck. What’s...
by m4st4
Today, 10:55 am
Forum: World Affairs & Philosophy
Topic: USA Presidential Election: Trump v. [???] (2020)
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Re: USA Presidential Election: Trump v. [???] (2020)

I wonder, how can u be so sure that he doesn't give a shit about this region? International deals are a fact between PL and US, so is NATO gaining strenght here, because of, mainly FASCIST polish government, Three Seas Initiative, Baltics co-operation with Visegrad and many more. Are u living in a ...
by m4st4
Today, 5:57 am
Forum: Entertainment
Topic: Netflix's Mindhunter
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Re: Netflix's Mindhunter

Allstar wrote:
Today, 4:15 am
People desperate for more Fincher need to watch this. It whips a great deal of ass.
Will do! :thumbup:
by m4st4
Today, 4:01 am
Forum: Entertainment
Topic: Parasite (2019)
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Re: Parasite (2019)

The whole point of the movie, starting around that time when... ...the big flood happens, is that parasites are the victims here. You're no longer watching mere parasites, vermins, lazy oportunists (the way the rich see them but also us, the audience, for most of the movie), but also society rejects...
by m4st4
Yesterday, 5:02 am
Forum: Forum Fun
Topic: Diary: A NolanFans Story
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Re: Diary: A NolanFans Story

Fifty four THOUSAND posts during my NINE YEARS stay here.

That’s either complete madness or I deserve some sort of medal round here.

Probably both!

by m4st4
Yesterday, 5:00 am
Forum: Entertainment
Topic: Dune (2020)
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Re: Dune (2020)

Re-reading Dune with actors in mind and it’s the best thing, before some actual footage changes it all that is. Just reached Zenday..., uhm, Chani part.
by m4st4
Yesterday, 4:58 am
Forum: Tenet
Topic: Teaser/Trailer #1
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Re: Teaser/Trailer #1

All I need is a full trailer and nothing else before the premiere, want to go in as blind as possible!
by m4st4
Yesterday, 4:57 am
Forum: Tenet
Topic: TENET - General Information/Discussion/Speculation
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Re: TENET - General Information/Discussion/Speculation

Dobson wrote:
August 16th, 2019, 4:24 pm
You can always put that shit back in though. A digital image graded to look like film is pretty much indistinguishable from the real deal.
Not really. That’s like saying digital photography can easily become analog through various apps and edits - it’s never the same.
by m4st4
August 16th, 2019, 6:45 pm
Forum: Entertainment
Topic: Venom 2 (2020)
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Re: Venom 2 (2020)

Dobson wrote:
August 16th, 2019, 4:21 pm
What is this movie
Something glorious in the making.

Btween the first one was already glorious in its own weird way.