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Christopher Nolan: TIME’s 100 Most Influential People


After a lavish spread about Christopher Nolan’s latest film Interstellar, TIME Magazine has included Nolan in their list of 100 Most Influential People. Categorised with other Artists like Richard Linklater, Julianne Moore and Kevin Hart, Nolan’s entry was composed by none other than Sir Michael Caine:

Philosopher of screen

From Batman Begins to Interstellar, I did six blockbusters in a row with Christopher Nolan. I don’t think I’ve done two blockbusters in a row with anyone else. I used to call him the new David Lean, but he’s not. He’s the Christopher Nolan.

Aside from being a brilliant director, he’s a brilliant screenwriter with an element of surprise and an intelligence that’s quite extraordinary. Just when you think that’s where we’re going, he says, “Let’s go over there!”

Christopher is very secretive, and each film has a code title. He had us call Inception by the name Oliver’s Arrow. On the set, no matter how hot it is, he wears an overcoat and sips tea all day. You wouldn’t be able to pick him out as the director. There’s no shouting and screaming—he’s a very quiet gentleman. If you get it wrong, you just do it again. It’s like working with a philosopher.

The list will be featured in the April 27th, 2015 issue.

by Kelly Williams
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Christopher Nolan Wins Big at the 2015 Empire Film Awards


Last Sunday at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel, Empire Magazine along with Jameson hosted their film awards. Christopher Nolan attended and ended up walking away with 3 awards. Christopher Nolan was guaranteed the Empire Inspiration award, presented to him by Jessica Chastain. Henry Cavill presented Nolan with the Best Director award for Interstellar. Interstellar also won the big prize of the night, Best Film, which Emma Thomas and Jessica Chastain joined Nolan on stage to accept.

Read on for the transcripts of the acceptance speeches.
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Interstellar: A Reckless, Mad Masterpiece


For those of you still uninitiated with Interstellar, last year’s shrouded-in-secrecy film by genius and innovator Christopher Nolan, stop reading here. It is the personification of discovery, an eyes-wide-open love song that dares to ask what if and opens doors to places both new and unexpected. As Christopher Nolan himself has said to the press, this film, perhaps more than any other of his, relishes in its untold story. There are the expected Nolan twists and turns, but so much of the meat and bones of the story has been lovingly withheld that spoiling seems rude. Interstellar is in a constant state of evolution and metamorphosis, with distinct phases that differ in look, structure, and theme. Continue reading

by Brendan Hodges
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