Hoyte van Hoytema and Christopher Nolan Reunite for Dunkirk


The American Society of Cinematography (ASC) have reported that Hoyte van Hoytema is currently prepping for Christopher Nolan’s next feature. Van Hoytema previously worked with Nolan in 2014 on Interstellar, which earned him several nominations and a Bafta win. Hopefully this is the beginning of another long-term collaboration ala Hans Zimmer, who is confirmed to score Dunkirk if you haven’t already heard.

Strangely, the ASC reported that Nolan’s next feature is “untitled”. We assume it is Dunkirk, which might actually be a working title.

Van Hoytema’s previous feature work includes Spectre, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Her, The Fighter, and Let the Right One In.

NolanFans recently had a twitter poll asking for the fans opinion on who should DP Dunkirk: the results show van Hoytema tied for second behind Wally Pfister.

ICYMI Kenneth Branaugh, Mark Rylance, and Tom Hardy have been already been cast in the ensemble cast.

by Kelly Williams
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