Warner Bros. offer Ready Player One to Nolan?


A month after interstellar opened, and making over $500 million worldwide, rumours concerning Christopher Nolan’s next project have surfaced.

Yesterday, tracking-board.com reported that Warner Bros. have offered Christopher Nolan, as well as other directors the sci-fi adventure film Ready Player One. A novel by Ernest Cline, adapted by Zak Penn. Other directors in contention are Matthew Vaughn, Edgar Wright, Peter Jackson, and Robert Zemeckis. One can assume that if Nolan is interested, he will get it.

However, this tweet from Will McCrabb, a known fan of Nolan who is in the industry, suggests that Nolan has more personal plans for his next project.

mccrab tweet reply
Hopefully, we can expect an official announcement, as soon as in the new year.

by Kelly Williams
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