June Fan Art: Inception, Dark Knight Rises, & The Simpsons?

June Fan Art

Welcome to the June Fan Art roundup, the ninth entry in our series of monthly write-ups showcasing fan art relating to the work of Christopher Nolan. Each month we comb through the fan art submissions on our Forums and our Tumblr page, then we collect the half-dozen or so pieces that are getting the most feedback to share them here in these roundups. June was yet another month packed to the brim with The Dark Knight Rises art, but we also have a great Inception poster to share, as well as something relating to The Simpsons?. Enjoy!

We’re kicking it off with one of our favorite artists, Nolan Fans user Sysmatic. This month he posted some new, dramatic The Dark Knight Rises posters fitting in line with the official marketing. Check ’em out:

Bane Posters by SysmaticBane Posters by Sysmatic


DeviantArtist Christiaan Mateo created this fantastic Simpsons and Dark Knight Rises mash-up design, which has to be one of my favorite pieces of fan art yet:

The Simpsons and The Dark Knight by Moroteo56


Switching it up a tad, next we share with you Dark Side of Design‘s new minimalist Inception poster. It’s nice to see people still designing stuff geared around that wonderful film. Check it out:

Inception by DarkSideOfDesign


And jumping right back into The Dark Knight Rises art, Hesit8in‘s striking minimalist poster is one of my favorites:

The Legend Ends Fan Poster


And lastly, we’re going to end the article with our returning champ, Nolan Fans user MMatt and his cool, shattered The Dark Knight Rises desktop wallpapers. Check ’em out:

TDKR Wallpapers by MMatt

TDKR Wallpapers by MMatt

That does it for June. If you’re an artist, editor, or musician, etc., and you would like your art featured in one of our monthly Fan Art write-ups, hit us up on Tumblr or in the Fan Art section in the Nolan Fans Forums. Thanks. See you next month with some more great Fan Art!

by Teddy Blass
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