February Fan Art: Memento, The Dark Knight Rises, and More

February Fan Art

Welcome to the February Fan Art roundup, the fifth entry in our series of monthly write-ups showcasing fan art relating to the work of Christopher Nolan. Each month we comb through the fan art submissions on our Forums and our Tumblr page, then we collect the half-dozen or so pieces that are getting the most feedback to share them here in these roundups. So what does this month’s roundup include? We have an awesome Memento timeline graphic, beautiful new Batman Begins inspired digital art, some stylish posters for Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and some very creative The Dark Knight Rises pieces of art.

We’re going to start it off they way we have for the last several write-ups; with a new piece of art from Nolan Fans user Constantine (Konstantinos Vagelis) inspired by Batman Begins:

Wayne Training by Konstantinos Vagelis


Up next, Greg Burney created this crazy amazing timeline graphic for Memento:

Memento Timeline by Greg Burney


Edgar Ascensão made these wonderful and stylish posters for Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises:

Batman Trilogy by Edgar Ascensao


We’ve seen Ross Burt‘s The Dark Knight Rises pin-up gaining popularity across the web, but without much credit. Check out his brilliant sketch:

The Dark Knight Rises Pin-up by Ross Burt


DeviantArtist VitaminBee made this simple but sleek Selina Kyle/Catwoman digital drawing inspired by Anne Hathaway’s look in The Dark Knight Rises:

Catwoman by VitaminBee


Last month I posted my re-creation of Hans Zimmer’s score for the prologue to The Dark Knight Rises. This month I want to draw attention to another re-creation of that same track, but from a different (and possibly more accurate) perspective, by Heavenbaby06. Give it a listen:

That does it for this month. If you’re an artist, editor, or musician, etc., and you would like your art featured in one of our monthly Fan Art write-ups, hit us up on Tumblr or in the Fan Art section in the Nolan Fans Forums. Thanks. See you next month with some more great Fan Art!

by Teddy Blass
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