Production Update #13: A “That’s A Wrap!” Wrap-Up

The Dark Knight Rises Wraps

And so you have it, The Dark Knight Rises has wrapped its 7 month long, 3 continent wide shoot. It has certainly been an adventure for Christopher Nolan and the cast & crew of the final installment of the Gotham Trilogy. From May in Jodhpur, India to November in New York City, the filming of The Dark Knight Rises has been a widely publicized, massive production. And yet somehow it stayed relatively secretive in the grand scheme of things, especially for those who didn’t scour the internet for every cellphone video and photo from the sets.

We covered the important milestones of the production over the span of twelve production updates. We’ll summarize those articles, as well as include a batch of the latest and last photos from filming in NYC, here in this final update. If you’ve managed to hold yourself to a strict standard of spoiler-avoidance, read no more. Although it should be noted that we hold ourselves to a somewhat strict standard, and the things we mention tend to be relatively mild in their spoiler-y-ness.

Filming began on May 6th at the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, India. IMAX cameras and green screens were utilized at the shoot, and Christian Bale and a few other cast members were on location. Christopher Nolan and his crew worked 14 hour long days in the smouldering Indian heat. Photos of a bearded Bale and other odd characters brought up all sorts of speculation about just what was being filmed there at Mehrangarh Fort. After only a few days, the filming in India had wrapped, and Christopher and his cast and crew flew back to London.

By mid-May, Filming on St. John’s Street in Farringdon was quite the norm. The Farmiloe Building (used in the previous two films) doubled for the Gotham Police Department. Gary Oldman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt started their work on the film there in London. Production then moved a tiny bit over to Croydon, where filming took place at the Delta Point offices. Somewhat spoiler-y photos popped up online and sparked further debate as to what was being filmed, as much of the cast was on location filming by then.

Production then scattered to various parts of the UK. Locations for the new Wayne Manor were filmed in Nottingham and West London. Wollaton Hall, and the mansion at Osterley Park, were used for interior (for the former) and exterior (for the latter) shots for the film throughout June. Photos of Bruce Wayne’s new personal car, a 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, were taken on location in Osterley Park. This was an upgrade from Wayne’s Murcièlago LP640 in The Dark Knight, and his Murcièlago Roadster in Batman Begins.

By July, filming had moved to more remote locations. The BBC reported that a former US military C130 Hercules transport aircraft had been making flights to and from the airport in connection with the film. They also claimed parachutists had been jumping out of a black jet plane in the Highlands of Scotland. By the time photos of the cross-section of a black jet plane outside the Cardington airship sheds emerged, people had already began speculating about a new mode of transport for Batman; There were too many aircrafts being filmed not to arouse suspicion.

In late July, production made its way Stateside to Pittsburgh, PA. Filming in the Steel City started off with a bang. Tom Hardy was in his full Bane costume, and he seemed to have a couple Tumblers at his side as well. Massive amounts of extras filled the streets, as did fake snow. Anne Hathaway made her debut as as Selina Kyle (Catwoman) in the early days of August. Cameras caught her racing through the streets of Pittsburgh on the Batpod. Early August also included the filming of a fake football game at Heinz field. Fictional teams the Gotham Rogues and the Rapid City Monuments faced off in a gridiron match before being interrupted by spoiler-y goodness that we wont mention here.

Filming in Pittsburgh also introduced us to Batman’s new means of transport for The Dark Knight Rises, the Batwing! Photos and video of a strange, Tumbler-esque type vehicle on a hydraulic rig had been popping up left and right all over the internet. Much of the filming in the city was out in the open for the public to see, albeit usually from a distance. But that made it difficult for Christopher Nolan to hide the high-speed chases being filmed with IMAX cameras. The Batpod, the Batwing, and some Tumblers were spotted chasing each other all throughout the city.

In late August, production had moved west, yet again, this time landing in Los Angeles, California. Production vehicles, explosions, smoke, and water tanks were incorporated into many aspects of the production. Chase scenes involving many of the vehicles previously used in the production, as well as some new ones, were shot on various streets across the greater Los Angeles area. A new rig for the Batwing was implemented, seemingly allowing for more varied ways to film the vehicle. Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy and others were all in town at one point or another for filming.

After nearly two months in Hollywood, filming moved its way back east to New York City in late October. Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were spotted on set while filming outside and inside of Trump Tower, which was doubling for the Wayne Enterprises building. For just a few days, the production jumped over to Newark, New Jersey, where Marion Cotillard and Morgan Freeman were spotted on set. Returning to New York City, Christopher Nolan filmed a massive scene involving tons of extras, as well as Christian Bale and Tom Hardy. Anne Hathaway and her stunt-double were also noticed on set a few days later for more large-scale action scenes.

The long seven month production on The Dark Knight Rises finished up by shooting on the Queensboro Bridge, which was a long speculated a rumor. We’re going to wrap up this wrap-up article with the latest photos from the filming in NYC and Newark that we haven’t posted since our last production update at the beginning of the month. Warning, they contain what some might consider mild spoilers. Thanks to Egotastic and NY Daily News for the photos. To read our previous production updates, click here.

by Teddy Blass
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