Marion Cotillard’s TDKR Character Not From The Comics?

Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises

On the red carpet at the Contagion premiere last night, Marion Cotillard told MTV‘s Josh Horowitz that her character in The Dark Knight Rises is not from the comic books. When the Academy Award winning actress was spotted on set in Pittsburgh wearing suspicious wardrobe, and doing curious things for a Wayne Enterprises board member, rumors began to flood the internet about the true identity of her role. Speculation was that her character, Miranda Tate, was just a cover for another character with solid roots in the comics, and in, without being too spoilery, the other films in Nolan’s Batman series.

When Horowitz asked Cotillard if she used the comics as inspiration for how to approach the role, the actress responded by claiming that her character is “not based off of a character in the comic.” Horowitz gave the actress an out (which we doubt she would have taken, honest or not) to come clean about her character’s history, by asking if she will be able to stand by her statement a year from now, but Marion didn’t budge, insisting she was being honest. What do you think? Is she just being coy and trying to protect the details of the plot? Or was she being honest? Check out the embedded video and then comment with your opinion after the jump.

by Teddy Blass
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