Production Update #10: California Love

The Dark Knight Rises in Hollywood

Filming on The Dark Knight Rises continues to make its way west as production ramps up in Los Angeles, California. After starting off in India back in May, then progressing to London and parts of Great Britain in June and July, and most recently in Pittsburgh for most of August, filming for the highly anticipated Batman movie has made its way to the Mecca of filmmaking: Hollywood. Kicking off in the Redondo Beach area, it looks like Christopher Nolan and team plan on filming a lot various stunts and set pieces in the Greater Los Angeles area. Pictures of sets, props, and ‘filming notice’ flyers have revealed just what the Oscar-nominated filmmaker has in store for the city. As always, if you’re looking to stay completely squeaky-clean about just what’s going on with the filming, avoid the rest of this article.

SuperHeroHype first posted a picture sent in to them of a ‘Notice of Filming’ flyer that is being handed out to homes around the Redondo Beach and Torrence areas. The flyer mentions the use of camera rigs, production vehicles, explosions, sparks, smoke, and water tanks/cannons! It appears that, in addition to controlled explosions of some sort, a simulated flood scene is being prepped for location’s filming, which will last in the area until the 1st of September. It also appears that this is all taking place in a canal of some sorts. Pictures of the flyer and set up can be found in the gallery below.

Secondly, ShockYa and ComicBookMovie have posted images of what is most definitely the planned location for a bike chase of some sort. A number of motorcycles and the Bat-pod are said to be part of a planned chase through a parking garage structure. Some various tweets have claimed that the stunt is currently being practiced, and the latest word on the streets is that Christian Bale will be part of the scene. Other stars from the film could be on set as well, as a fair number of celebrity trailers have been spotted just off set. As usual, my hopes are that IMAX cameras are being utilized, but there has been no confirmation of their presence on set as of yet. As always, pictures of the filming locations can be found in the gallery below.

As with the rest of filming throughout production, many more pictures are likely to be posted online over the next several days and weeks. Stick tuned to and our Forums for the all the latest.

by Teddy Blass
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