The Dark Knight Rises Pittsburgh Press Conference

The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh

Filming on The Dark Knight Rises will begin in Pittsburg, PA tomorrow, but before it does, Christopher Nolan and his team decided to hold a press conference thanking the city’s officials and residents for their hospitality and cooperation in advance. The film production will be in the city of Pittsburgh for approximately a month before moving on to Los Angeles. A fair number of stunts and action scenes will be filmed within in The Steel City, in addition to a large amount of fake snow that will be spread across the city’s streets. Christian Bale and many of the film’s star will be present for this portion of filming, which is trying to stay as vague and nondescript as possible. To signal that production is in town, a large laser-inscribed Bat Signal has been placed on the side of one of the city’s prominent skyscrapers. Batman-News has some more cool photos of the signal being displayed by Lightwave International, so head over there to check it out. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review was able to take video from the event and post it on their website for your viewing pleasure.

To just see video of Christian Bale at the conference, click here. To see the eloquent Christopher Nolan speak, click here. The Dark Knight Rises will hit theaters next Summer on July 20, 2012.

by Teddy Blass
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