Production Update #2: The Dark Knight Rises in London

Gotham Police Department on The Dark Knight Rises

Filming for The Dark Knight Rises continues this week in London as the Farmiloe Building on St. John’s Street in Farringdon doubles for the Gotham Police Department. The location was used previously in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight for various Gotham PD interiors, as well as the warehouse in Asia where Bruce Wayne gets caught stealing from his own company. Filming for Rises began on Monday morning and is said to continue through the week until Friday or Saturday. Word is that Gary Oldman is on set, naturally, as well as Joseph Gordon-Levitt and others. We expect to learn more as the filming progresses over the course of the week, so check back here for updates. Currently, a crop of photos have turned up via Twitter,, and our Forums. Check out some of the photos below.



by Teddy Blass
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