Alon Aboutboul Cast in The Dark Knight Rises

Alon Aboutboul has been cast in the role of a mad scientist for The Dark Knight Rises, according to an Israeli website. Aboutboul is most known for his role as Al-Saleem, one of the main antagonists in Ridley Scott’s 2008 film Body of Lies, but he has been also appearing in small roles in a lot of top level American tv shows the past 2 years. The news of his casting was seemingly confirmed by his wife via Twitter. Some folks on the internet have already leaped to the conclusion that this mad scientist role is that of Hugo Strange, who has been rumored to appear in the movie for many months now. A more likely scenario could be that Aboutboul is playing a scientist who does human scientific experiments on the character Bane, who will be portrayed by Tom Hardy in the film, or possibly the old Batman villain from way back, Doctor Death. What do you guys think?

by Teddy Blass
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