Warner Bros. Wants An Inception Sequel


With Inception’s box office sailing just under $811 million worldwide, this sort of thing was bound to break eventually. The Australian film site What’s Playing has an insider source that, after coming up empty on new Superman details, claimed “don’t be surprised if there’s another Inception though.” An Inception sequel or an original like Inception? The source clarified in a later response:

“…Warner Bros wants another Inception – as in sequel. Doesn’t make a lick of sense creatively, but financially? well… it made ”a lot” of money for them. Can’t imagine Nolan wanting to do a sequel, let alone direct one. Also don’t imagine Jeff would want to piss off Nolan by doing one around him. All interest is on the studio side at this stage. We shall see comrade…”

I imagine many would scoff at the idea of an Inception sequel, but it’s something that could make sense both financially and creatively. While Inception presented a very self-contained journey with the Dom Cobb character, the world Nolan conceived posed even more potential than it was given (so perhaps spin-off would be the more appropriate term). With so much of Inception’s dialog devoted to explanation, a sequel/spin-off could hopefully offer minimal and spend more time developing characters, discovering imaginative limits, and offering a broader scope of a world with dream machines. With possibilities in the air, the guys over at /Film came up with five ideas if another Inception does becomes a reality:

  • The Obvious Sequel – Cobb’s story continues. The totem doesn’t fall and he continues to try and get out of the dream world.
  • The Spin-off/Prequel – Tom Hardy’s character, Eames, is the main character and we see his earlier interactions with Cobb and learn more about forging. (I pick Eames out of everyone else because Tom Hardy was, obviously, the breakout star.)
  • The Twist – It’s revealed that Ariadne (Ellen Page) is actually the master, best extractor of all time and the first film was all in a masterful play of inception on Cobb. We follow her down her path on another mission.
  • The Obvious Prequel – We follow Cobb as he, much like Ariadne in the first film, finds out about dream worlds, extractions and more and slowly becomes the best one out there.
  • The Family Drama – The totem falls and it’s revealed Cobb made it! We then have to watch two and a half hours of family drama as he struggles with rebuilding the trust of his children who haven’t seen him in years.

These are the more immediate ideas that come to mind when thinking of an Inception sequel, and I find The Spin-off/Prequel (I agree that Hardy’s Eames was the most engaging of the supporting characters) and The Obvious Prequel to be the most appealing of the five. But what if the sequel doesn’t quite have as direct a connection to Inception? Something similar (and in greater degree) to what Duncan Jones plans to do with Mute could be pretty inspired. His 2009 film Moon and future project Mute share a world but involve different main characters and situations. Basically, another Inception film could be more like a fully developed, feature-length version of an Animatrix segment rather than a Matrix Reloaded.

More importantly, what do you guys think? Good idea / bad idea? Let the rampant discussion begin.

by George
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