Inception Sweepstakes: Round 2

[UPDATE: August 2, 2010]: The sweepstakes have ended and we have our winners!

THE GRAND PRIZE Bundle: David Murphy
THE POINT MAN Bundle: Richard Barrett
THE INCEPTION V-neck tee: Robert Robles
THE TOURIST (Twitter) Bundle: Jerry Weil

Thanks again to everyone who made this sweepstakes possible and thanks to all of you who entered! In the deep voice of a prestigious and confident news anchor, “We will now return to our normal broadcasting schedule.”

– – – – – –
We have four unclaimed prizes that we still need to give away: the The GRAND PRIZE bundle, the POINT MAN bundle, an INCEPTION V-neck tee, and the TOURIST (Twitter) bundle.

This will be a super-speed-lightning-round compared to our initial 20-day sweepstakes run. To enter to win the first three prizes, simply post this comment below: “Enter me to win! I’m a (guy or girl)!” Do not comment more than once; doing so will result in disqualification. We will randomly select the winners from the comments below at 11:59pm EDT on Sunday, August 1.

Additionally, we still have the TOURIST bundle, which we will give away via Twitter. Follow our Twitter feed for the rules and details.

Good luck to everyone!


ABS Trolley Luggage, Box with pawn, loaded die, and metal top, and a pair of INCEPTION IMAX tickets.
Approximate Retail Value: $197

sweepstakes-prize-luggage sweepstakes-prize-box sweepstakes-prize-imaxtix


Black Flex-Fit Hat with inside printed tonal maze, Grey V-neck Tee with poster art, and Top Key Tag with screw closure.
Approximate Retail Value: $39

sweepstakes-prize-hat sweepstakes-prize-vneck sweepstakes-prize-keychain


This bundle can only be won by tweeting this message daily.
Messenger Bag and a pair of INCEPTION IMAX tickets.
Approximate Retail Value: $113

sweepstakes-prize-bag sweepstakes-prize-imaxtix


Grey V-neck Tee with poster art.
Approximate Retail Value: $22


by Alex Haas
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