Inception Character Featurette Now Online

It sounded more than a little unbelievable when reports came in last night that a new Inception TV spot was taking up an entire commercial break during a re-run of Last Comic Standing on NBC. Today, however, it appears early word was spot-on as the new Inception Character Featurette is now online over at MSN UK. The featurette is two minutes in length and features more new footage and dialog than anything we’ve seen since the third trailer was released in back May. But those avoiding spoilers shouldn’t be too concerned. The aptly titled “Character Featurette” is focused more on introducing the main characters of the film than revealing any new plot information. This featurette should prove to be very effective if it continues to air as an extended TV spot, providing more clarification for viewers than any number of the shorter TV spots could.

Thanks to apw on the forums for the tip!

by George
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