The Movie Preview Critic’s Inception Movie Preview Review

The Movie Preview Critic has released his preview review for Christopher Nolan’s next film, Inception.

The eleven-minute video features insight into “The Carte Blanche” concept that we’ve mentioned on the Nolan Fans Podcast. Meaning, with Christopher Nolan’s huge box office success with The Dark Knight, Warner Bros. has basically let him do whatever the heck he wants with Inception. It really is great to see such a talented director given the amount of budgetary flexibility shown here. We’ve already seen what sort of awesomeness this type of creative freedom can accomplish. (See James Cameron, Avatar).

Be warned. There are a few minor spoilers in this video. Although, it’s nothing that you haven’t heard before if you’ve read other news stories or forum posts here at Nolan Fans. Most of the detailed descriptions in this video are pure speculation. Enjoy!

[Thank you Chee for posting this on the forums!]

by Alex Haas
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