Inception Shooting at University College London

tour-1We are receiving reports hinting that Christopher Nolan’s next film, Inception has begun filming at University College London (UCL).

The film crew for “Oliver’s Arrow” today invaded UCL’s Wilkins building to film some scenes in various locations within the Main Library. Michael Caine, Leonardo di Caprio and Ellen Page were on location filming scenes in what had been dressed up (with fake signage) to be the “Bibliotheque” of the “Ecole de Architecture” in France.

From what we’re been able to hear so far, there was a scene being shot in the Flaxman Gallery (a section of the Main Library on campus) with Leonardo DiCaprio’s character being introduced to a graduate student named Ariadne (possibly Ellen Page) by Michael Caine’s character. Apparently, DiCaprio’s character had a job offer for her. We’ve also heard that some other scenes were being shot in a lecture theater, a reading room, and some other locations inside the Main Library.

Michael Caine looked like he was playing a similar character to the one he always plays lately, Ellen Page looked like a plucky young student, and Leo di Caprio just looked moody and “focused” (toying with the toothpick-in-between-the-teeth look).

The last part with the toothpick made me laugh. It’s a lot of information here and we’re fortunate for DivisionofJoy posting it on the IMDb forums. So, what can you guys make of all this? Let’s hear some of your comments!

by Alex Haas
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