Inception to Film at the Airship Shed in Bedfordshire

We’ve received some inside tips informing us that director Christopher Nolan will be returning to the Cardington Airship Shed (in which he filmed parts of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) to film his latest movie, Inception. The large Airship hanger was leased to Warner Bros back in 2003 for use on various television and film projects. It was used to build large sets of Gotham City for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and is now reportedly the home of a nearly completed set for next year’s Inception. Reports are that the crew often hang at the local pub, and that signs pointing towards the production can be seen around town. We’ve also been told that two large living accommodation caravans arrived this past weekend, and that set designers have been working with shed door partly open. Production on the big-budget “contemporary sci-fi actioner” began last month in Tokyo, Japan and will reportedly run until late November this year. Inception is set to hit theaters July 16, 2010.

by Teddy Blass
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